LEO Service Project – Pull Tabs for Ronald McDonald Houses

LEO Service Project – Pull Tabs for Ronald McDonald Houses

Hey fellow Leo’s! Just wanted to let you all know about our newest service project! For those of y’all that were not able to attend the last meeting, we talked about collecting pull tabs as our first project. “Pull tabs” is the best way I can describe the little tabs you find on the tops of many canned items, used to pull the lid off.

All the pull tabs we collect will go to the Ronald McDonald house, which is a program for families of sick or injured children. Ronald McDonald Houses around the world offer families a way to stay together, in proximity to the treatment hospital,and be comfortable and cared for during their stay. All the houses include home-cooked meals, private bedrooms, and playrooms for the children. The Ronald McDonald house turns the pull tabs in and gets money in exchange that goes to the upkeep of their house.

We decided at the meeting that we would bring all the pull tabs we could collect to the meetings and possibly make a competition to see who could bring the most! In this email I have included a picture of a pull tab just in case anyone is still confused on what they are.

I hope we can all contribute to our latest service project, every little bit helps! Good luck collecting!


Kate Stuteville
Colleyville Leo Club

For more information about the new LEO club, contact Lion David Phelps at 972-467-7319 or Lion Monique Kusman at 817-829-5515.

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