Colleyville LEO Club Membership Requirements

Download a LEO Membership Application

The Colleyville LEO Club is a youth community services club for students ages 12-18.  As a Community Leo Club any student in the local and adjoining communities are eligible for membership. Club meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month at 5:00pm at the Colleyville Fire Station on Hwy. 26. Any teen interested in joining is welcome to attend. You can print and complete a LEO Membership Application and bring it with you to the meeting.

Officers and Directors are elected annually and serve a one year term starting July 1st.

LEO Club Officers

  • President: Manages club and board meetings. The president instructs other club officers concerning their responsibilities and includes all members in decision-making processes. With the club secretary, the president submits timely reports to the sponsoring Lions club and the Youth Programs Department at International Headquarters.
  • Vice President: Assists the president throughout the year. The vice president assumes the duties of president if the elected president cannot complete the term. The Colleyville Leo Club Vice President is responsible for managing and directing any student campus activities.
  • Treasurer: Receives and deposits all money into either the:
    • Administrative account which contains funds raised from fellow club members. These funds support the administration of the club.
    • Fundraising account which contains funds raised from the public.
    These public funds must be donated back to the community. The treasurer disburses club funds when authorized by two members of the Leo club board of directors. Each month, the treasurer submits a financial statement to the Leo club board of directors.
  • Secretary:  Maintains club records and meeting minutes and submits these documents to the sponsoring Lions club on a regular basis. The secretary maintains lists of officers, committee appointments, attendance records and membership rosters. The secretary is also responsible for submitting the Leo Club Officers and Membership Report form (Leo-72) and the Successful Leo Club Project or Activity Report form (Leo-SPA) to the Youth Programs Department at International Headquarters.
  • Director – Membership: Coordinates all new member and guest activities.
  • Director – Club Events: Directs and coordinates club events through an appointed Event Chairperson.
  • Director – Speaker Programs: Manages and recruits speakers for the regular club meetings.

LEO Booster Club

The LEO Booster Club has been created for younger siblings, ages 8-11, of regular LEO Club members. A LEO Boosters is allowed to participate in Club meetings and activities but may not vote on club business. Boosters must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during any club meeting or activity.

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