Lone Star Classic Goal Ball Tournament

LEOs volunteered at the Goal Ball tournament on Friday March 4th.

Ten LEOs met at the Colleyville Community Center at 4:15pm to caravan to the tournament. After sitting in some traffic they arrived and registered to be volunteer line judges for the Lone Star Classic Goalball Tournament
at Irving High School.

The tournament was amazing as teams of three blind or visually impaired students competed against each other. They hurl a large blue, bell filled ball down the court where the other teams tries to defend their goal line and block the ball from crossing. It is fast paced requires an immense amount of concentration and quick reflexes. All players wear blacked out goggles so everyone is completely in the dark.

Our LEOs did a great job assisting the officials and after the tournament they were allowed to gear up, get blindfolded, and take their turn on the court. If you were not there ask a LEO who was. Every LEO should take advantage of this opportunity to serve and share in the fun.

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